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Hi! Thank you for stopping by.

We are a husband and wife team who are both experienced, qualified teachers with over 30 years of classroom practice and tutoring experience.

We are very passionate about the education of all children, particularly in the area of mathematics, so we have developed this Times Tables app which will:

• Encourage your child to practise and keep them engagement.
• Build their self-confidence.
• Reduce their maths anxiety.
• Promote a positive ‘can do’ mindset.

Children often find their confidence in Maths when they know their Times Tables off by heart. It makes mental maths much easier to process and helps them to master fundamental maths concepts more readily and move onto more complex maths problems.

Practising the Times Tables helps your child to see patterns in numbers and understand number relationships. These skills set them up for success as they progress through school and into the real world of shopping, cooking, budgeting, and finance.

Although this app is free for you to use, there is an ongoing cost to us, including server hosting, data storage and security maintenance.

We would be extremely grateful if you could help support us. In place of your next cup of coffee, your small gift will help us support your child's learning.

Kind regards,
Russell and May